Feel like you're spinning your wheels? 

Not sure about what's next in your career?

Are you going through a life shakeup?



We're all trying to figure it out at some point or another. The heart of Sonya's coaching practice focuses on giving ourselves room to be real with the joy, sadness, confusion, and the moments when we're feeling all 'put together', and then not at all. That honesty is the elixir for change.  As we give ourselves permission to open up, we become more rooted in ourselves, gain clarity on next steps, and become more available to form deep ties with others. By learning to speak our truth, we learn the art of compassion for our story and connect to that badass wisdom within.  

Whether you’re looking to move through uncertainty, shift through a funk, or find hope after it all hits the fan, Sonya champions you on your journey. 

Sonya's approach to coaching aims to connect the mind, heart, physical and spiritual aspects of who we are. Her life experience, education, and commitment to her clients provides her the scope to identify and support them in a space with heart and without judgment. 

I left each session feeling empowered and motivated to make positive changes in my life. Coaching can help you learn about yourself, develop strategies to approach your goals, and most importantly achieve balance in all aspects of your life.
— Client Testimonial - AK

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