Coaching: Better Together

At one point or another, everyone needs to lean on someone. Sonya becomes your ally while you work together to realize and honour your intentions. Her approach is specific to your unique needs, strengths, and gifts.  

Life Coaching 

This is about making room for you in your life. Gaining a fuller understanding of what excites you, increasing your awareness, making friends with your inner child, and developing compassion for the blocks you are experiencing.

Sonya wants to be there to help you wake up to the rules you’re living by, reconnect to your uniqueness, witness how your patterns play out in your relationships, and develop trust in your voice. 

Transformation is not an overnight journey. Part of coaching includes learning to be present and honest with the feelings of the moment, especially when they're the feelings we'd rather avoid, because that's where growth happens.

Reiki + Coaching Combo

A Japanese hands-over-body healing technique that provides relaxation and TLC. The approach helps to shift emotions, and mental and spiritual energy. One hour sessions support clients in refueling and refocusing. Follow-up guidance and coaching based on the treatment are provided after the session.


Career Coaching & Workshops

We can help you put your best foot forward in a way that stays true to who you really are. Navigating the world of job hunting can be stressful. We provide support on how to make cover letters pop, how to perform a resume reboot, and how to prep for interviews. 


Angel Card Readings

Card readings tap into divine guidance. The discussion that surfaces from a reading can provide clarity on direction and inspiration. Can be used as part of coaching or stand alone.

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“I’ve been lucky to have my cards read by Sonya. She’s wonderful. She’s helped me gain insight on some tough situations in my life, and she delivers the cards’ messages with gentleness and caring. She’s also incredibly intuitive! She’s often bang on when she describes what I’m experiencing in my life. Once she was describing exactly the physical symptoms I was experiencing as though she could feel it herself, and I hadn’t even mentioned that I’d been having symptoms! The advice she channels through the cards has helped me many times, and she conveys the wisdom of the angels in a way that is comforting and touching to the soul. I highly recommend the experience!”
— Client Testimonial - MM