The Annoying Phrase - "Love Yourself First"

Tired of hearing, you have to love yourself first before you find love?

While we know in our heads there’s truth to that, life experiences can leave us feeling shitty, so hearing it can get really frustrating. Love becomes an elusive feeling we’re grasping for.

We’re raised to see love as only a form of adoration for everything we admire. Yass to appreciating! But we tend to not love ourselves when we’re in a painful place so we don’t love ourselves through our pain.

But we can catch ourselves! There is nothing wrong with you or your feelings. If we ignore the anger, sadness or chaos we're abandoning and rejecting. Not so loving.

Unconditional love is being with the painful parts not just the parts we adore. My own practice includes sending a feeling of acceptance, learning not to wish or push away. A work in progress. That’s love.
You deserve love just as you are. Love isn’t tied in a pink bow.  It’s not tied at all.