As a way to get more authentic, I wrote the piece below on what it means to 'honour the bitch within' me. The best part about this exercise were the unexpected conversations I had with women about using the word ‘bitch’. Some women encouraged using the word while others wondered whether using 'bitch' was reappropriating a term that actually kindles the flame of disrespect towards women who just want to be more real. I had questioned this too. The term for me ultimately embodies a 'no concern' policy for what others think, which vibrates strongly with the feeling of living freely. In the end, I stuck with what felt right for me.  Out of this exercise came a sweet appreciation for the women in my life who take the time to listen. I encourage you to name that divine part of you that you want to connect with and then write to Her…the authentic self, baddass goddess, or the bitch within (to name just a few). See what comes up and then share with your trusted friends. Let’s support each other in living more compassionately and authentically! Xoxo


What does it mean to honour the bitch within?

It means you’re going to honour all of you. You’re going to use your voice, appreciate your sexual essence, and tap into your feelings because they are your teacher. Your mind will be anchored in wisdom and receive with discernment. You'll know that it is your right and responsibility to speak up for yourself. Instead of giving with the belief that playing nice secures belonging, you'll listen to your boundaries. Sorry, not sorry.

A woman who honours the bitch within, knows her worth and loves her tribe fiercely. She embraces her feminity/masculinity, can be tender, recognizes that she has moods, and fuels her fire. Honouring Her is one of the most loving acts because it shows approval for a deep aspect of ourselves.  She is open to being vulnerable. She may fall and sometimes she may not know whether she can get back up, but somehow she does. She gets that she has coping mechanisms…delving into work, meditation, TV, sex, and food. She is growing in awareness and has compassion for herself.  Sometimes she’ll just need a hug, and other times she’ll just need to lie down alone. There is no need to apologize.  Self honesty will be her guide. And she’ll honour what’s within you too.