Like you, I don’t know what’s going to happen in many areas of my life…in business, romantic love, or what to have for dinner later. It’s a wide open question mark of possibilities, potentials, and doubts. I stand in a question mark, sometimes feeling everything at once. My “f$ck it all” thoughts careen into my “I’m gonna do it!” days, and elbow into moments like “uhmm, what am I doing?”. Sometimes, I sit in a space of unproductively that feels like it will be endless, other times I pray for answers and feel like they will never come, and yet I move, just like we all move.  The ego wants so badly to know the when, where, and how of life because that’s it's mode of survival. When I’m struggling to make sense of tomorrow (which is often for this Capricorn), it means that I’m letting other peoples’ expectations run the show, my self-trust can use a boost, and so can my trust in the universe. 

There are lots of tools to work with when future-tripping but intentionally adding more joy to the diet is one that bears repeating.  Sounds so simple, but easy to forget in a culture that promotes the belief that crossing the mythical finish-line to success comes at the cost of chronic sacrifice and pushing harder. Restorative and joyful engagement helps to tip the scale back, towards greater self-regard, energy, and inspiration for today and always.  I continue to learn that the magic happens unexpectedly anyways when I’m not gripping life tightly by the neck, like when an invitation to a concert pops-up, or a surprising connection happens at a party. Sometimes adding joy seems too far-fetched and it’s about simply taking care of myself in the now.  A night of dancing does my soul good, so does a fun challenge like an improv class, but I also love a cup of tea while reading Carrie Fisher’s work (again) and a warm blanket with Netflix.  Making space for intentional enjoyment as opposed to empty distractions, sends the message that if I can feed my needs now, then I can do so tomorrow, and the day after that. Plus, it helps create a sense of gratitude for what’s already in my pocket.  Sometimes I worry that making space for my feelings will hinder the likelihood of future accomplishments but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Anxiety circles around me and leaning towards what lifts my spirit has helped move me forward not back. When so much seems to be in question, making room for what energizes on a regular basis helps to strengthen the belief that support is always available within and around. Now what to have for dinner?!