Coaching tips for the week of November 6. If you’re like me you may be feeling a little loopy. This late post is a reflection of that. We’re coming off a daylight savings weekend that was crowned by a full moon. We’re starting the week, with many (myself included) feeling disoriented not just from emotional exhaustion but also from the time shift.

This week the Rhinoceros medicine card shows up to remind us to stay focused and be selective with what and who we pay attention to. Pull your energy in and focus on a primary objective to help with any scattered interests.  What will give you the greatest emotional win this week? Give yourself a Liz Lemon high-five for making head-way in your awareness. Any movement is movement. If procrastination kicks in, it may be because we’re taking ourselves too seriously again. Remember we can be our own worst critics but who’s standards are we holding exactly?  Lean into your tribe to help balance out any naysayers who may still be echoing from the past. We need to overestimate ourselves more. Easier said than done but worth the intention and better than the alternative.

This week you may feel pulled towards getting extra cozy to help cope and recharge from frustrations. You may want to sip your tea a little longer either alone or in good company. And I will join you from here. <3