Coaching & Spirit Animals. The week of October 30 is cheered on by the ancient wisdom of the Turtle. The turtle has been around the block for over 200 hundred million years. It has weathered change and kept right along moving. Collectively there are shifts happening, culturally, politically and seasonally as the nights grow longer. The turtle reminds us to lean into all our resources for encouragement and nourishment so we can stay grounded and awake.  That includes making space for seasonal foods that come from the ground that keep our energy up. So while I’ll enjoy my Halloween candy, it’s a reminder to still make room for the real food this week and always.

Finding ways to connect to our surroundings is always healing. The earth carries its own wisdom. A walk among the trees even when it gets colder (gulp) reminds us that the ground under our feet has got us. We are supported more than we realize and we're not meant to do this work alone.   

The turtle doesn’t move at a slow pace it moves at its pace. Stay the course in what you want to create for yourself. Taking a break is different than quitting. (I tell myself this often when I’m frustrated with writing and come back to it again - and eventually again!).  Like the turtle, you may want to tuck your head away but the outside world is waiting. Don’t be afraid to ask yourself what you want more of, or less of this week. Your answers will help you face needed truths. You got this. Your ancestors have got you. Your inner knowing is with you.  

* The turtle card was pulled from the Animal Messages deck.