Wanna get some guidance for the week of October 23rd? This one is inspired by the adorable dolphin card from the Animal Messages, card deck. This week is asking us to exercise some patience with ourselves and for those around us. We’ll want what we want and it should have come yesterday! We've all eye-rolled and I have a tendency to put 'have tos' at the forefront of fun like many. This week, you may have the feeling to just shake’em to wake’em to get others to finally see things from your perspective. . But it’s not the heavy-handed, ‘my way or the high-way’ that will get us to that sweet spot. Yes, support yourself by speaking up but be willing to listen too. See the other person’s point of view. It’s not about convincing anyone, we all want to feel heard. 

Build up your strength and energy by making time for play.  Yes, feel the roller coaster of emotions but we don’t have to always dwell. Just because it's not all going our way doesn’t mean it’s all upside down either. Hang onto and expand on what lights you up. Don’t over think it. For me that includes reminding myself that fun doesn’t have to make sense (it rarely does!). If I want to listen to old Richard Ashcroft on repeat that’s okay!  Tap into that inner child, YouTube old cartoons to connect to that energy if you have to. Can’t say enough good things about meditation. Especially with the noise of the past few weeks hitting a really high pitch. Ground your energy - this isn’t a sprint. Oh and don’t over-think it. Don’t over-think it.  Don’t over-think it. (See heavy-handedness is the pits!)