I’ve started a simple 60 secondish practice that’s allowed me to start the mornings with more ease, and less resistance to throwing back the covers. It’s an act of self-care, it doesn’t take long and plants a seed of appreciation for myself and my body. When my alarm clock goes off (aka morning city construction begins) and my mind in its foggy state runs through the to-dos, I’ve learned to pause and simply say “hi” before getting up. I breath in and mentally say ‘hello’ to the different parts of my being.  I’ll say ‘hi’ to my heart, kidneys, liver, spleen, these organs that are always processing during our waking and REM cycles. I breath in between each hello and just notice what I feel, not trying to do or fix anything. I’ll give a shout out to my womb space and to any other areas that call my attention. If there is a spot that is sore then I make sure to say ‘hi’ to that zone as well.  There is no fixed recipe and no way to do this wrong, it’s a simple act of acknowledgment. Since I’ve started, I feel like I’m beginning my day with a warm hug (maybe cheesy but true!). By taking this time to connect and nourish, I am anchoring my day with the message that I matter, which is really at the heart of any self-care practice. I am more than the responsibilities and goals the day is tasked with. My  body has responded in turn to this routine,  it relaxes, loosens, and eases into the weight of the mattress. No wonder I’m getting up in a slightly better mood!  This practice can also be used to bookend the day, as a way to say thank you to our body for moving us along into night. Small and simple acts add up. Being gentler, cultivating compassion for where we are, makes space for more goodness to enter. And are we not worth the time to say hello to? A huh, ya we are.