For the past two weeks foxes have popped up in dreams, movies, store windows and people's clothing. See it as spirit animals, guides, totems, or winks from the universe, here are some foxy meanings that I'd like to share in case they click for you too!: 

  • Honour your voice creatively, how things land with others has to do with their beliefs that they're projecting. 
  • There's a time to pounce and there's a time to strategize. Patience-Rome wasn't built in a day. 
  • Stay flexible when making plans, you've got what it takes to maneuver through the unexpected. 
  • Embrace what you cherish through play. Don't ask for permission to have fun. Know the more you give to yourself the more you can share.
  • Protect what you care about by nurturing and supporting it. There is strength in gentleness.

Hope these shed some light! <3