We know that centering into our body is important for increasing our focus and relaxing, but for me it can also sound like a snooze fest sometimes. Here's an exercise that helps me hear myself better, walk taller and keeps me mov'n.
I call it the "Dinosaur Walk" and the intent is to be more mindful of our physical being by embracing our depth, width, and height. Doable when getting up to get a snack in the kitchen or for a two-minute office stretch. Hope it helps you in centering during any emotional waves of this full moon, or any other day of the month. 
Each of the following steps can be done in about 30-60 secs. (Full disclosure, I have a tendency to rush to relax. Let's work together on not pushing through each step.) :-) 
 Step 1: Connect to your height: let your head move upward, notice your length and how tall you are from your feet to your head. Say to yourself - "I’m a being with height." 
Step 2: Notice your width: Roll your shoulders back and feel yourself widening. Notice your chest moving with your breath. Say to yourself- "I'm a being with width." 
Step 3: Feel your depth: Imagine there’s a big dinosaur tail attached to you, swooshing back and forth. Walk around with this dinosaur tail. It's a part of you -strong and supportive. Feel free to lean back, it's got you. Feel yourself straighten as you breath in. Say to yourself, "I'm a being with depth." 
 Step 4: Bring all three together to notice your depth, width, and height. Feel yourself wider, deeper and taller. You're balanced, supported, and protected.