Blending the Practical and Magical

Collectively, we're feeling a desire to create and bring our future dreams into reality ~ now.

Focus. If you're a big picture thinker, swing the pendulum and hone in on one small item. It may not feel like enough but it is and you'll get the sense of accomplishment you're looking for.

What we see as 'woo-woo' can be magical and practical. Set an intention, again time to focus and be specific. Too much or too big and we run the chance of it all becoming a blur.

Creating a sacred space is practical, so is meditation, and so is earthing. These tools will help deal with any rigidity that show up within ourselves and others. This is also where we realign with our wisdom and strength that's always-always there.

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The Annoying Phrase - "Love Yourself First"

Tired of hearing, you have to love yourself first before you find love?

While we know in our heads there’s truth to that, life experiences can leave us feeling shitty, so hearing it can get really frustrating. Love becomes an elusive feeling we’re grasping for.

We’re raised to see love as only a form of adoration for everything we admire. Yass to appreciating! But we tend to not love ourselves when we’re in a painful place so we don’t love ourselves through our pain.

But we can catch ourselves! There is nothing wrong with you or your feelings. If we ignore the anger, sadness or chaos we're abandoning and rejecting. Not so loving.

Unconditional love is being with the painful parts not just the parts we adore. My own practice includes sending a feeling of acceptance, learning not to wish or push away. A work in progress. That’s love.
You deserve love just as you are. Love isn’t tied in a pink bow.  It’s not tied at all.


Coaching tips for the week of November 6. If you’re like me you may be feeling a little loopy. This late post is a reflection of that. We’re coming off a daylight savings weekend that was crowned by a full moon. We’re starting the week, with many (myself included) feeling disoriented not just from emotional exhaustion but also from the time shift.

This week the Rhinoceros medicine card shows up to remind us to stay focused and be selective with what and who we pay attention to. Pull your energy in and focus on a primary objective to help with any scattered interests.  What will give you the greatest emotional win this week? Give yourself a Liz Lemon high-five for making head-way in your awareness. Any movement is movement. If procrastination kicks in, it may be because we’re taking ourselves too seriously again. Remember we can be our own worst critics but who’s standards are we holding exactly?  Lean into your tribe to help balance out any naysayers who may still be echoing from the past. We need to overestimate ourselves more. Easier said than done but worth the intention and better than the alternative.

This week you may feel pulled towards getting extra cozy to help cope and recharge from frustrations. You may want to sip your tea a little longer either alone or in good company. And I will join you from here. <3


Coaching & Spirit Animals. The week of October 30 is cheered on by the ancient wisdom of the Turtle. The turtle has been around the block for over 200 hundred million years. It has weathered change and kept right along moving. Collectively there are shifts happening, culturally, politically and seasonally as the nights grow longer. The turtle reminds us to lean into all our resources for encouragement and nourishment so we can stay grounded and awake.  That includes making space for seasonal foods that come from the ground that keep our energy up. So while I’ll enjoy my Halloween candy, it’s a reminder to still make room for the real food this week and always.

Finding ways to connect to our surroundings is always healing. The earth carries its own wisdom. A walk among the trees even when it gets colder (gulp) reminds us that the ground under our feet has got us. We are supported more than we realize and we're not meant to do this work alone.   

The turtle doesn’t move at a slow pace it moves at its pace. Stay the course in what you want to create for yourself. Taking a break is different than quitting. (I tell myself this often when I’m frustrated with writing and come back to it again - and eventually again!).  Like the turtle, you may want to tuck your head away but the outside world is waiting. Don’t be afraid to ask yourself what you want more of, or less of this week. Your answers will help you face needed truths. You got this. Your ancestors have got you. Your inner knowing is with you.  

* The turtle card was pulled from the Animal Messages deck.



Wanna get some guidance for the week of October 23nd? This one is inspired by the adorable dolphin card which fell out of the Animal Messages, Card Deck. This week is asking us to exercise some patience with ourselves and for those around us. We’ll want what we want and it should have come yesterday! Who doesn't eye-roll every now and then, and if you're like me, you put your to-dos at the forfront of fun often. This week, you may get the feeling to just shake’em to wake’em and have them finally see things from your perspective. But it’s not the heavy-handed, ‘my way or the high-way’ that will get us to that sweet spot. Yes, support yourself by speaking up but be willing to listen as well. See the other person’s point of view. It’s not about convincing anyone, it’s that we all want to feel heard.