I'm Sonya Tomas, that's me in the photo, trying to look poised, but still wondering what the heck I look like while trying to make this seem oh so natural! The irony isn't lost on me. The truth is, I've spent a lot of my life worrying about what people think. It's a work in progress, and I know the freedom that comes with caring less and less.

Life has served me some smackdowns to help me wake up. I know what it's like when life doesn't go as planned. I've been through a divorce, not accepted what I see in the mirror, and felt the pains of anxiety. When I was younger, like many, I wanted to be part of the group and avoid bullying. But now, I also know what it's like to restart my life.

I know what it's like to ignore your own voice, and to disconnect from the intuitive and creative side. I also know that taking the steps to reclaim these parts of ourselves makes life come alive. As a certified coach, I'm your cheerleader in helping you see that you deserve more.


I have been fortunate to study and integrate a mix of teachings from universities, coaching programs, and spiritual teachers and mentors.

Early on, I received an Honours Bachelors of Science in Psychology. I followed that with a Master’s in Industrial Relations because my compass was pointing me towards learning more about well-being, and school seemed like the logical next step. The pull towards supporting and helping others never left and I wasn’t getting that from my 9 to 5 job, so I became an Adler Trained Coach, where I felt much more in my groove.  

Later on, the Universe served up what I needed by connecting me to spiritual mentors that helped open my eyes to my own intuition and learn how to honour it instead of deny it. This was the 'aha' missing piece to understanding me, my energy and the work I want to do. Since then, I’ve also studied Shamanism and Gestalt tools at institutes like the Gestalt Institute of Toronto, to learn more about the connection between our heart, mind, body, and spirit. As my connection to myself continues to grow, I pick up new insights and approaches along the way that I love to use to help clients wherever they are on their path.


In the world of 9 to 5, I worked as a Consultant and Researcher looking at what employers sought in employees and the role of education in helping students prepare for the workplace. I participated in hiring committees where I learned what employers are watching for. But most of my work involved  sitting at the same desk every day behind the numbers, which didn’t feel right. I tried to bring as much of ‘me’ into my space through conversations with colleagues, potted plants and nature shots, but my soul knew that something would always be missing. My favourite part of the day were the talks away from my desk. More and more, I realized that coping strategies are meant to be short-term. I was scared, but jumped into the unknown and left. This wasn’t an overnight decision, but one that I’m so grateful to have made. I want to bring all of me to the table and work with people by helping them do the same.

Sonya has been a significant help in my progress of personal healing and growth. I always feel safe & comfortable to share my thoughts and feelings with her. With her skillful techniques and gifts, our sessions are rich in self-discovery and awakening moments. I am truly confident that with my continual work and guidance from Sonya; it will ultimately lead to uncovering the right career path and direction to a more meaningful life with love in all aspects.
— Client Testimonial, JN